After School Activities that Cost Little to Nothing!

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after school activities

Murfreesboro, TN Summer break is over, and kids are back to the normal routine of school. Keeping the kids entertained doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are some helpful, yet fun tips for after school activities that cost practically nothing. Dress-up Younger kids, especially, love to play make believe. Let their imagination soar by playing dress up. You can use clothes from other family members in the house, or shop at your local thrift store for fun accessories that will amuse your child’s imagination. You could even use construction paper to make hats, and other pretend objects that your child can wear. Get creative! Painters tape – … Read More

Money Tips to Keep Budget on Track all Year

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money tips to keep you on budget

Murfreesboro, TN Extra expenses throughout the year can take a toll on your wallet. Not preparing in advance can lead to some hefty unexpected bills. Keep on top of your finances all year long by following these helpful tips. January: Determine how much extra spending on credit cards you did during the holidays, and then use a budget planner to determine how much you can pay back each month until those bills are paid. If you are struggling with your finances or debt, seek free debt advice as soon as possible to get things in order for the New Year. February: Save money at Valentine’s Day by cooking a meal … Read More

Money Saving Tips to Teach your Kids

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money saving tips to teach your child

Murfreesboro, TN Saving money sounds like a simple task, but anyone that does it knows it can be harder than it sounds. Many of us look back on our past spending mistakes and wish we could have a do-over. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had better financial advice from the beginning? With these tips, you can start your kids off on the right track financially. Early elementary age Kids learn better when they can see something, which is why using a clear jar to store their change in is better than a traditional piggy bank. This way, they can actually see their savings grow every time they add money … Read More

Save on Groceries Without the Hassle of Coupons

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save on groceries

Murfreesboro, TN Do you find that every week you spend too much money at the grocery store? It is hard not to, especially if you love to eat! Manufacturers and stores offer coupons for savings on brand name items, but who has time to be a coupon clipper? If “not me” is what you are thinking, read these tips we have for you on how to save money without the hassle of coupons. Simplify dinner We no longer live in the 1950’s era of elaborate home cooked meals every day for dinner. A nice cut of meat with some veggies on the side makes for a filling dinner, but your … Read More

I Need my Check Cashed, but I Don’t Have a Bank Account

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check cashing

Murfreesboro, TN Do you have a check that needs to be cashed but do not have a bank account? Nowadays, banks usually will not cash checks unless you have an account with them. This can be a problem for some folks. Luckily, A1 Cash offers check cashing services for your convenience. How does it work? Our check cashing service is straightforward and simple, no strings attached! We can cash payroll checks, tax refund checks, government checks, money orders, and more. You do not have to have a bank account to cash your check with us. How much will it cost to cash my check? If your check is less than … Read More

Buying a Used Car? Check out These Money Saving Tips

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buying a used car

Murfreesboro, TN Affordability is usually a popular reason for choosing a used vehicle over a new one. But, how do you know you are buying the best car for you and your budget? Here are some tips to help make buying your next used car a bit less stressful. Budget When it comes to buying a car, a budget is a necessity for most people. Before you go out searching for your next set of wheels, determine how much of a car payment and down payment you can afford, or if you are paying for the whole amount up front. Remember, taking on a car note is a huge financial … Read More

Get Money With Your Motorcycle Title

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motorcycle title loan

Murfreesboro, TN So you have heard of a car title loan, a quick and convenient way of borrowing cash on the spot to get you by in a financial pinch, but you don’t have a car, you have a motorcycle. That’s no problem! With A1 Cash, a motorcycle title serves the same purpose as a car title in the world of title loans. Even if you own a motorcycle, and not a car, you can still borrow money for your financial needs. A motorcycle title loan works the same as a car title loan. As long as you own your motorcycle outright, meaning you have the title, you can borrow … Read More

Need Cash Fast? Consider a Car Title Loan

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car title loan

Murfreesboro, TN Ever find yourself short on cash or hit with an unexpected financial obligation? While waiting for payday can seem like an eternity, there is a simple solution to your problem – a car title loan. At A1 Cash, we make applying for a car title loan a quick and easy process. Here’s how it works. With a car title loan, you are essentially borrowing money against your vehicle. If you own your vehicle outright, meaning that you hold the title, instead of the bank like in the case of most financed vehicles, your vehicle title is used as collateral. Bring in your vehicle’s title and get a 30-day … Read More

How to Make Money Using your Smartphone

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make money using smartphone

Murfreesboro, TN This day and age, money seems to be in short supply, and payday never comes quick enough. The idea of a part-time job sounds nice and all, that ultimately means more time away from your family. What if you could score some extra cash just by using your smartphone? Here are some legit jobs you can do from your smartphone. After all, who doesn’t have their phone glued to their hand most of the day? Might as well make use of it! Gigwalk Gigwalk pays smartphone users to complete various tasks such as mystery shopping, taking pictures, testing apps, or making deliveries. You could earn anywhere from $3 … Read More

Money Savings Tips that Could Lead you to Financial Distress

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savings tips

Murfreesboro, TN When it comes to money, everyone you talk to has advice on what you should do, or what you should not do. We all know we could save more, and spend less. Of all the money saving advice you may have heard, here are the common tips that you should take with a grain of salt to avoid heading into financial mayhem. Exactly how much should you plan on for retirement Keep in mind that everyone’s retirement needs will vary, so we really cannot put a dollar amount on the answer to this question. A common rule among retirement savings is count on having about 70% of your … Read More