What to do with your Tax Refund

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what to do with your tax refund

Kingsport, TN It’s that time of year when many Americans are anticipating their tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While a big payday is just around the corner, have you given much thought as to how you are going to spend that money? A1 Cash has some advice for you. Our first bit of advice – don’t blow it! Seems easy enough, right? At A1 Cash we know just how tempting it can be to spend money on a shopping spree, a day at the spa, or maybe some nice new chrome pieces for your beloved motorcycle. But, resist the urge to waste the entire amount on frivolous … Read More

New Year’s Resolution-Staying Healthy on a Budget

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staying healthy on a budget

Kingsport, TN Now that 2018 is in full swing, how is your commitment to your New Year’s resolutions of getting fit going? If you have committed to getting healthy, there are certainly ways to maintain that promise to yourself without breaking the bank. From gym memberships to personal trainers, from home exercise equipment to diet pills, from workout apparel to healthy food programs, diet and fitness represent a huge moneymaking industry. Shedding pounds or getting in shape should not mean that you overspend on your budget. Here are some ways you can continue sticking to that New Year’s resolution and get healthier with minimal spending. Working out at home will … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Money

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new years resolution to save money

Kingsport, TN It’s that time of year again when we all set forth to achieve our New Year’s Resolutions. This year and every year, why not make saving money a top priority? You will save yourself a headache later on by not worrying about how you will pay bills, if you’ve saved enough to buy your kid’s birthday presents, or if you can fill up your gas tank or not. Here are tips to keep your New Year’s resolution of saving money to keep your budget on track this year. Rule of Thirds Anytime you get unexpected money or a bonus, divvy it up into thirds One third for the … Read More

Save Money when Buying Meat at the Grocery Store

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save money when buying meat

Murfreesboro, TN If you are like most people, you are always searching for creative ways to slash your grocery bill. Unfortunately, the rising cost of groceries, especially for meat, makes doing so a seemingly impossible task. But, with these money saving techniques, you can have your cake, or should we say meat, and eat it too! Watch for sales Every week grocery stores feature at least one cut of meat on sale. A budget-friendly idea is to base your meals around this sale item. So, the next time you go to the store to shop for your groceries, check out the sale items first, instead of planning a menu off … Read More

After School Activities that Cost Little to Nothing!

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after school activities

Murfreesboro, TN Summer break is over, and kids are back to the normal routine of school. Keeping the kids entertained doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are some helpful, yet fun tips for after school activities that cost practically nothing. Dress-up Younger kids, especially, love to play make believe. Let their imagination soar by playing dress up. You can use clothes from other family members in the house, or shop at your local thrift store for fun accessories that will amuse your child’s imagination. You could even use construction paper to make hats, and other pretend objects that your child can wear. Get creative! Painters tape – … Read More

Money Tips to Keep Budget on Track all Year

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money tips to keep you on budget

Murfreesboro, TN Extra expenses throughout the year can take a toll on your wallet. Not preparing in advance can lead to some hefty unexpected bills. Keep on top of your finances all year long by following these helpful tips. January: Determine how much extra spending on credit cards you did during the holidays, and then use a budget planner to determine how much you can pay back each month until those bills are paid. If you are struggling with your finances or debt, seek free debt advice as soon as possible to get things in order for the New Year. February: Save money at Valentine’s Day by cooking a meal … Read More

Money Saving Tips to Teach your Kids

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money saving tips to teach your child

Murfreesboro, TN Saving money sounds like a simple task, but anyone that does it knows it can be harder than it sounds. Many of us look back on our past spending mistakes and wish we could have a do-over. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had better financial advice from the beginning? With these tips, you can start your kids off on the right track financially. Early elementary age Kids learn better when they can see something, which is why using a clear jar to store their change in is better than a traditional piggy bank. This way, they can actually see their savings grow every time they add money … Read More

Buying a Used Car? Check out These Money Saving Tips

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buying a used car

Murfreesboro, TN Affordability is usually a popular reason for choosing a used vehicle over a new one. But, how do you know you are buying the best car for you and your budget? Here are some tips to help make buying your next used car a bit less stressful. Budget When it comes to buying a car, a budget is a necessity for most people. Before you go out searching for your next set of wheels, determine how much of a car payment and down payment you can afford, or if you are paying for the whole amount up front. Remember, taking on a car note is a huge financial … Read More