Why Go To A Pawnshop For Fast Cash When You Can Get A Payday Loan?

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Whatever your reason for needing extra cash fast, consider your options before signing up for just any loan. Although pawnshops also offer quick cash, you may be putting more than your credit on the line. Here’s how your options measure up.

Pawnshops offer a way for those in need of cash to trade their personal belongings as collateral for a loan. The pawnshop lends money based on the value of the borrower’s collateral. The borrower is then given so many days to repay their loan, with interest. If the entire loan plus interest is repaid according to the terms, the borrower gets their item (or items) returned to them.

The problem with hawking personal items for cash is that if you do not abide by the terms of your loan, the pawnshop keeps your items and can sell them. What if you do not get that item back? Not only will your credit score be affected, but you may have given up something that is valuable to you.

A payday loan can be a much better option for you! We do not hold your personal items until your next payday, and we do not check your credit either. Instead, we provide you with a loan through our quick and easy application process. You will be given a specific amount of time to repay your loan, with interest. This way, you do not have to worry about losing something valuable. You can borrow money and keep your possessions!

With our payday loans, borrowers can borrow up to $425, according to Tennessee law. The actual amount in which you can borrow will be based on your income and ability to repay your loan. To start your payday loan, call A1 Cash of Murfreesboro, Tennessee today! One of our trusted team members will help you get started on our quick application process so that you can have cash in hand, fast!

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